Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 2

Week 2 book Silly Sally went OK. We did not get to finish all the activities I had planned. We did not get to do week 3 & 4 at all. I have had preoccupations with other obsessions. I have been working on outfits for Briena for our vacation. They are sooo cute and I can't wait!! Disney World here we come!!!
In addition to my obsession of making outfits, our computer went down because of a Trojan virus and was in repair for a few days. I have been seeing more patients than usual which has reduced my amount of time at home. And finally I have been posting several (30-40+) auctions on eBay. Whew!! Think I can find something else to add to my plate? Things are slowing down, I hope, and I plan to get back on track next week. I'm going to resume where we left off even though we are now in August, but I don't want her to miss anything.

During week 2 we did do some fun activities:
We made our letter "F" collage. Some of the stickers we included were firetruck, fireman, fire hydrant, farm, fireworks, firecrackers, ferris wheel, front loader, fish, fishing pole, flashlight, flower, french horn and fire.

We made our own Silly Sally book. Briena painted the pig pink using a sponge. Then she used a plastic pig and brown paint as mud. She would dip the pig's feet in the "mud" and then paint the mud on the pig.

She glued white & brown paper on the dog, and feathers on the loon.

And she glued cotton on the sheep.

We did a science experiment with white carnations and food coloring. These flowers were really pretty and Briena liked seeing how each day they got more colorful.

Briena really enjoys doing all of these projects and I have fun spending quality time with her. I have made it a priority to get back on track next week NO MATTER WHAT!!

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