Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 2

Week 2 book Silly Sally went OK. We did not get to finish all the activities I had planned. We did not get to do week 3 & 4 at all. I have had preoccupations with other obsessions. I have been working on outfits for Briena for our vacation. They are sooo cute and I can't wait!! Disney World here we come!!!
In addition to my obsession of making outfits, our computer went down because of a Trojan virus and was in repair for a few days. I have been seeing more patients than usual which has reduced my amount of time at home. And finally I have been posting several (30-40+) auctions on eBay. Whew!! Think I can find something else to add to my plate? Things are slowing down, I hope, and I plan to get back on track next week. I'm going to resume where we left off even though we are now in August, but I don't want her to miss anything.

During week 2 we did do some fun activities:
We made our letter "F" collage. Some of the stickers we included were firetruck, fireman, fire hydrant, farm, fireworks, firecrackers, ferris wheel, front loader, fish, fishing pole, flashlight, flower, french horn and fire.

We made our own Silly Sally book. Briena painted the pig pink using a sponge. Then she used a plastic pig and brown paint as mud. She would dip the pig's feet in the "mud" and then paint the mud on the pig.

She glued white & brown paper on the dog, and feathers on the loon.

And she glued cotton on the sheep.

We did a science experiment with white carnations and food coloring. These flowers were really pretty and Briena liked seeing how each day they got more colorful.

Briena really enjoys doing all of these projects and I have fun spending quality time with her. I have made it a priority to get back on track next week NO MATTER WHAT!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 1

We have officially started the Itty Bitty Bookworm Preschool Curriculum. This week focused around the book I Like Me by Nancy Carlson. The letter of the week was "L". The number of the week was 1.

Day 1

We started the week by painting our Jumbo Collage Letter "L" red to correspond to the color of the month.

Then we talked about things that started with the letter "L" and Briena got to place them on her pocket wall to be displayed all week. We also discussed the color of the month "red" and the number of the week "1."
Afterwards while the letter was drying we made a trip to Hobby Lobby to find stickers of objects that start with "L". When we returned Briena applied the stickers to her letter "L". I had planned to save all the letters and display them in her room but the stickers did not stay and she peeled off many of them through the week. Day 2

We did name recognition. This activity we modified. The instructions were to write each child's name in the class on sentence strips, invite each child to come up and find his name and place his/her name on the aappropriate side of the Boy/Girl chart. Since we don't have a classroom we used pictures of family members. I showed Briena the pictures and she would name the person. Then we discussed that each person had a name (since she knows everyone by Mommy, Daddy, MawMaw, PawPaw, etc.) Then I asked her if the person was a boy or girl. Some of them she got wrong which surprised me because I thought she was clear on boy vs girl. Then she would place the name on the board under the appropriate gender. After all the names on the board we counted all the boys and all the girls and discussed more/less. Do we have more girls or more boys in the family. She did not get this but I really liked the introduction of the concept.
Then we did "Me" Puppets. We used a mirror for Briena to look at herself and we talked about the parts of the face. Then Briena made her own "Briena face". She played with this all week and would ask for her "Briena face."

Day 3

We discussed the shape of the month (Circle) already introduced on day one. Then we read "ABC I Like Me" one of the companion books. We then identified all the circles we found. Briena did very well with this activity, she even found the smallest of circles. Then we did Will it Roll? Is it round? During this activity we discussed how objects that are round will roll. Then we discussed if an object was round. I asked Briena if she thought is would roll. Then she would get to roll the object. She had a lot of fun with this because the objects that rolled, rolled right off the table and onto the floor. She thought that was funny.
Day 4
We did not do any activities because we went for a play date with Tryston & Raelyn. Briena had a blast playing outside with other kids. They played in the sprinkler, slip 'N slide, baby pool, sand and swings.
Day 5
We did pool time "Sink or Float". This activity Briena did with her Daddy. He talked about what it means to float, what it means to sink. What makes something float or sink. Then we gathered several objects from around the house. Doug asked Briena if she thought it would sink or float. She was right most of the time. Then she would get to drop the object in the water to see what happened.
All in all I did not get to do every activity I had planned but I thought we did pretty good for the first week. I have things planned a little better for next week and looking forward to Silly Sally.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Organized and ready to go

Well I have spent almost every waking moment over the past week and a half obsessing about my organization for "Briena's school." After muliple trips to The Lakeshore Learning Store and The Container Store I think I'm finally done. I know none of this matters to her but I can't function unless I have everything in it's place and organized. (And yes each drawer has divided sections for separation of supplies. I know, it's OK to laugh.) I also felt the "need" to get what I call "education essentials." Briena is very interested in all the new stuff. During this process I have been working on teaching her about not touching without asking permission. She's doing pretty good but still gets into things occaisionally.

I went in the kitchen this evening to pick up some toys and found Briena had gotten into the Pom-Poms, or what she calls "fuzzy balls." She placed some in each of the paint containers that were on the easel. It almost looked like she was sorting by color. It was so funny I had to laugh. I'm glad she had already gone to bed so she didn't know I thought it was funny.
I had to change my plan on the curriculum. I still plan to start in July but I will use the Itty Bitty Bookworm September curriculum calendar instead of July. I thought I needed to start with the current month but after reviewing the material July was towards the end of the school year and they were doing review. September is the beginning of the school year and I wanted to start from the beginning. This meant I had to buy different books and order the September lessons which set me back a bit but we'll make it on time. Since I am going to be doing this part-time, I can't do ALL the activities. I have to pick and choose without missing the monthly objectives for each long term goal. I'm working on a calendar to keep me on track and help me organize all the activities so that they build and correlate with one another. Once I get my calendar completed for the month of July, I will post it.