Saturday, June 13, 2009

Letter Painting

Today we went to the local painting place. My plan was for Briena to paint a letter 'B' to hang in her room. We did this a couple of weeks ago but she broke it the same day. Anyway, of course children have different plans than we do. She wanted to paint the letter 'R'. I decided to take this opportunity to use it as a teaching lesson. We talked about the sound 'R" makes. "Rrrrrrrrrrr" she liked that part because it sounds kinda like a dinosaur roar. (Which she is really into right now). We also talked about things that start with 'R'. I'm not sure how much she absorbed, but she had fun. The table was set-up with all the paint colors in small contianers with lids. She would pick a color, submerse her paint brush as deep as it would go, with as much paint as it would hold and then dab 1-2 dots on her 'R'. Then she would say "all done" or "nudder color." The entire outing probably took less than 30 minutes. I guess that's the typical attention span of a 2yr old.
Thoughtfully they supplied t-shirts to protect the clothing. Of course this does not work with 2yr olds. She got paint on her clothes anyway. Glad she wore one of the inexpensive Wal-Mart shirts.

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